March 7, 2024

AI and Change Management: Cultivating Adaptability and Growth Webinar Recap

AI and change management

In an era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) shapes the fabric of organizational operations, the “AI & Change Management: Cultivating Adaptability and Growth” webinar, led by Mike Hruska and Dr. Christina Barss, offered insights into evolving beyond AI FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) to actionable strategies that foster adaptability and growth.

“To do differently, we need to think differently.”

Transforming FOMO into Action

The session delved into the challenge of AI integration, offering a fresh perspective on leveraging AI to enhance change management skills, foster a culture of innovation, and develop advanced AI integration strategies. The emphasis was on actionable steps organizations can take to nurture an environment ripe for continuous improvement and innovation, essential for thriving in the AI era.

“Learn to anticipate and overcome complex challenges in AI integration, ensuring your strategies are robust, forward-thinking, and capable of guiding your team confidently into a future shaped by AI.”

Key Insights

The Augmented Enterprise: A model that leverages AI to empower teams with Augmented Intelligence Capabilities. This approach emphasizes the importance of viewing AI as a partner rather than a replacement, equipping the workforce with AI-collaborative skills to create an agile and adaptable organization. 

Collective Intelligence and Augmented Intelligence Teams (AITs): Collective intelligence encompasses both human and AI capabilities and is our greatest asset in the AI era. By focusing on individual abilities and the emerging collaborative skill set, AITs can unlock AI’s true power, creating teams that are resilient, adaptable, and ready to tackle the challenges of the AI era. 

From AI FOMO to Empowered Action: Participants were guided through understanding AI FOMO and transitioning towards empowered action by anticipating and overcoming complex challenges in AI integration. The emphasis was on questions like:

  • Why use AI?
  • What are the hopeful outcomes you wish to achieve with AI?
  • What metrics would you move if you did?
  • What are the use cases where AI could be impactful?
  • What is a POC you could build to test your hypothesis?

Cultivating a Culture of Adaptability and Innovation: The discussion highlighted the importance of fostering an environment that encourages open communication, continuous learning, collaboration, experimentation, and inclusion. Actionable strategies for fostering innovation and a growth mindset within teams were shared. This cultural transformation is paramount to successfully harnessing the transformative power of AI.

“Enhance your understanding of change management by learning how to build resilience and adaptability in your team, ensuring they are not just ready but eager for AI-induced changes.”

Practical Applications and Strategies

The webinar shared the AI Lean Hypothesis Canvas to help participants develop potential proof of concept (POC) projects to test their hypotheses aligned with their organizational goals. This structured approach to developing and testing AI solutions started with developing a clear vision (i.e. we believe automating email generation aligned to our values for talent acquisition partners will achieve a better experience for candidates by saving time and improved rapport). Next, participants focused on pilots and methods for testing their AI solution through measurable outcomes.

5 Steps to the Future

The webinar outlined a five-step plan for integrating AI into organizational strategies, including increasing technology understanding, aligning learning strategies with business objectives, motivating and shifting mindsets towards AI, piloting and growing AI initiatives, and scaling and sustaining AI integration for long-term success.


The “AI & Change Management” webinar, enriched with insights from Michael Hruska’s “Unleashing the Power of AI” series, provides a comprehensive roadmap for professionals and leaders in learning and development. By focusing on the critical areas of change management, innovation, and AI integration strategies, Mike Hruska and Dr. Christina Barss, and Michael Hruska equipped participants with the insights needed to turn the challenges of AI integration into opportunities for growth and development. As organizations look forward, the lessons from this webinar underscore the importance of embracing AI with an adaptable, innovative, and growth-oriented mindset.