May 16, 2024

How ELB Learning Transformed Sales Prospecting with SaleSage

SaleSage and ELB Learning

In the dynamic world of sales, efficiency and preparedness are crucial for success. ELB Learning, a leader in innovative learning solutions, recognized this and sought to enhance their sales process. They found their solution in SaleSage, a powerful AI-driven tool designed to streamline sales activities. We spoke with Drew from ELB Learning to understand how SaleSage has revolutionized their sales approach.

The Challenge

Streamlining Prospecting and Improving Sales Confidence

Drew, a seasoned sales professional at ELB Learning, highlighted the universal pain point in sales: prospecting. “Prospecting is painful,” Drew said. “It’s where you see people liking it and getting it or not.” The tedious task of outreach and business development often leaves salespeople feeling overwhelmed and underprepared.

Another significant challenge Drew faced was the lack of comprehensive knowledge about ELB Learning’s offerings. With limited time in the organization, Drew found it challenging to be confident in conversations with potential clients. This gap in knowledge often led to delays in responding to customer queries and missed opportunities.

The Solution

Leveraging SaleSage for Just-in-Time Support and Preparation

SaleSage became a game-changer for Drew and his team. One of the standout features is its ability to provide just-in-time answers during customer interactions. Drew shared an experience where a client asked about product hosting. “Typically, I would have to find someone for sure and get back to the customer, but being able to have the answers pop up in real-time was huge for me,” Drew explained. “It gave me more credibility right away.”

The tool’s role-playing and objection handling capabilities also significantly improved Drew’s preparation efforts. “With SaleSage, I can role-play scenarios, pretending to be the prospect,” Drew said. “It prepares me to be ahead of the curve when objections arise, offering detailed and thoughtful responses that I wouldn’t come up with on my own.”

The Impact

Sales Enablement. Time Savings and Enhanced Sales Effectiveness

SaleSage has drastically reduced the time Drew spends on preparing for sales calls. “This tool has saved me at least two hours a week,” Drew noted. “The more I dive into accounts, the more time it saves. I could spend up to three hours a day on prospecting without SaleSage. With it, I cut that time significantly.”

By streamlining research and providing tailored messaging and questions, SaleSage allows Drew to focus on more critical aspects of his role. “For our A-list accounts, I’m in SaleSage constantly. It helps craft personalized messaging based on comprehensive data, something that used to take hours.”

SaleSage has also helped Drew and his team stay on message, ensuring consistent and value-based selling. “This tool helps your sales reps stay on message,” Drew emphasized. “It’s a big value to sales enablement and CEOs.”

A Tool for the Future

Drew is confident that tools like SaleSage are the future of sales. “In the next five years, if you don’t have a tool like this, sales orgs are going to suffer,” he stated. The ability to have meaningful, informed conversations with prospects is becoming increasingly important in a competitive market.


SaleSage is Critical for Revenue Growth

ELB Learning’s experience with SaleSage showcases the profound impact of integrating AI-driven tools into the sales process. From reducing the level of effort in effective prospecting to enhancing sales reps’ confidence and preparedness, SaleSage has proven to be an invaluable asset. As Drew aptly put it, “Stop losing deals to under-prepared sales reps.”

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