A unicorn in the industry is born.

Advancing standards and technology products since 2004

Our experience shows us that the place where the physical and digital intersect has the largest ability to impact the world in positive ways. We have stayed committed to accelerating technology and strategies that drive real results.  Our unique team of PhDs, researchers, engineers, architects, creatives, and inventors is unparalleled in harnessing enterprise performance.


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Our mission

Create more high-fives, smiles and empowerment for our customers.

Our relentless pursuit of knowledge and skill enables our customers to maintain a competitive advantage in their industry by enhancing human performance through inspiration, strategy, and automation.

Our Ethos

Our ethos is the spirit and foundation of our corporate culture.  We encourage our team to explore and stretch the imagination to help our customers solve complex challenges every day.  We believe in the basic ABCs of human performance where Automation, Behavior, and Culture drive radical performance improvement when harmonized.


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Why work with us?

Experience you can trust

20 years of advanced product development, successful outcomes, and a team unmatched in talent across the industry. 90% of our customers come from word-of-mouth referrals.

Unmatched client support

Being obessed with outcomes as one of our primary ethos shows in our customer retention rate and customer service. A boutique approach to solution development and support of customers who truly become partners and friends.

Stable tech & results

We stress the importance of the ILTY's in everything we do. Stability, Availability, Scalability, Supportability, Responsibility, Maintainability, Security, Trainability, and more. For enterprise solutions to be successful, reliable technology must be readily accessible when needed and provide ROI.

Unique technologies

At our core, we are researchers, geeks, makers, and entrepreneurs. This creates a unique environment where innovation can flourish. We bring IP, the latest in technology, and creativity born from Hollywood productions to provide novel solutions that delight.

Unicorn farm

This term actually came from one of our customers who said "Where did you get all of these unicorns?" We are so proud of the team we have cultivated to exceed the needs of our customers. Being a lean agency has provided us the opportunity to hire and partner with some of the top minds across our service disciplines.

Passion = <1% Turn over

Our team has been with us for decades in many cases. We believe it says so much about our culture and the type of work we do that our team stays happily employed at Problem Solutions. Industry averages are over 10x our turnover rate for talent.

A preview of our highly effective team

Our team of researchers, PhDs, technologists, makers, creatives, and specialists are stoked to meet you and navigate opportunities to optimize human performance.

Mike Hruska

Mike Hruska


Nikolaus Hruska

Vice President

Brooks Canavesi

Chief Experience Officer

Christina Barss, PhD

Chief Transformation officer

Diane Weaver

Chief Intelligence Officer

Dennis Folds, PhD

Chief Human Systems Scientist 

Ryan Krinjeck

Chief Technology Officer

Jim Biliski, PhD

Director of Research and Development

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