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AI-Driven Knowledge Management for Streamlined Employee Training

Our experts engineered a user-friendly AI agent for a major global e-commerce company, revolutionizing their training approach. This AI solution, proficient in hundreds of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), allows employees to seamlessly interact with SOPs through a web interface. Offering precise SOP-related answers and sourcing from various documents, including PDFs, the agent exemplifies versatility across web, mobile, and chatbot platforms. It integrates Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Processing (NLP), and In-Context Learning (ICL) for dynamic retrieval from a private vector database.

Revolutionizing Writing Productivity with Our AI-Enhanced Google Docs Extension​

Our team crafted a groundbreaking extension for a leading publisher, transforming Google Docs into a versatile writing platform. This tailor-made AI tool, integrating seamlessly as an API, offers features like AI-assisted authoring, efficient editing, and style-mimicking capabilities. It includes tools for generating, rewriting, and summarizing content, alongside a unique brainstorming function. Customization options for writing analysis and audience targeting add to its versatility. This innovation significantly reduced writing time from three months to just three weeks, demonstrating immediate ROI within the first month.

AI-Driven Training Enhancement for Elite Sports Performance

Our experts designed a versatile multi-modal application for a leading Sports Performance Institute, revolutionizing athlete training and role-playing. This comprehensive tool encompasses skill enhancement, sports nutrition, medicine, science, psychology, and intelligence gathering. It empowers the institute to craft personalized training programs and realistic fighter scenarios, adhering to their rigorous SOPs, policies, and best practices. Trained on an extensive 600-page institute analysis and the complete website data, the AI app offers tailored content for global athletes. Significant improvements in training efficiency and preparation processes have been observed, showcasing AI's impactful role in elevating sports performance and strategy.

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