October 10, 2023

Reimagining the Future of Work: Our Journey to Becoming an Augmented Enterprise

Augmented Enterprise

In the rapidly evolving digital workplace, staying competitive means staying ahead of the curve. At Problem Solutions, we’ve embraced this challenge head-on, transforming our operations into what we call the “Augmented Enterprise” – a business model fully equipped with AI agents in every department. This is our journey.

The Augmented Enterprise: A New Era of Work

Our journey began with a vision: to reimagine the future of work. We saw the potential of AI to revolutionize how we operate, and we seized the opportunity. Today, we’re an Augmented Enterprise, with AI agents integrated into every aspect of our operations.

The augmented enterprise (AE) represents the future of work—a symbiotic environment where AI works hand in hand with people to elevate their intellectual capacity and streamline workforce productivity. This fusion of AI and human intelligence enables organizations to leverage the collective intelligence of their workforce, customers, and stakeholders, leading to informed decision-making, problem-solving, and robust innovation.

From drafting winning proposals to accessing libraries of policies and procedures, past performance, or employee skills, our AI agents are at the heart of our operations. They connect to our corporate systems, providing powerful capabilities beyond what can be done with AI alone.

The Power of AI Agents

Our primary corporate AI agent directs our staff to specialized agents based on their needs. For example, if a team member is working on a proposal, they’re directed to our Proposal Agent, which is designed to craft winning proposals given an RFP.

All of our corporate data is stored in a vector DB for easy access by our agents. This includes everything from employee skills to web content. Our internal automation tools allow us to take our meeting transcripts, summarize them, and make them available in our Vector DB immediately following a meeting. This means our AI agents are always operating with the most up-to-date information.

The Benefits of Becoming an Augmented Enterprise

The benefits we’ve experienced as an Augmented Enterprise are significant. We’ve seen efficiency improvements and ROI that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. And as we build more AI capabilities, new product, service, and R&D opportunities continue to emerge.

But perhaps the most exciting benefit is the new lenses through which we’re able to approach our business. We’re making decisions with more informed capabilities than ever before, uncovering insights and opportunities we never knew existed.

Your Journey to Becoming an Augmented Enterprise

We believe that every company can benefit from becoming an Augmented Enterprise. That’s why we’re offering customers the exact tools we’re building and using internally. We’re “eating our own dog food” – and it’s delicious.

Your journey can start with an AI Readiness assessment, followed by the development of a plan and strategy to implement it. Along the way, you’ll discover quick wins that show savings and ROI, and you’ll implement and iteratively replan as you go.

The benefits? Just like us, you’ll see improvements in efficiency and ROI. You’ll uncover new opportunities and insights. And most importantly, you’ll future-proof your business in an increasingly AI-driven world.

Ready to Begin?

Becoming an Augmented Enterprise isn’t just about staying competitive – it’s about leading the way. It’s about embracing the future of work and reaping the rewards. At Problem Solutions, we’re living proof of the power of AI, and we’re here to help you on your journey.

Ready to start your journey to becoming an Augmented Enterprise? Contact us today to learn more about our AI services and how we can help you transform your operations.