September 6, 2023

The Rise of AI: Fine-tuning AI Through Engineering

Mike Hruska

This article was originally published in CNHI News.

For the past seven years, software company Problem Solutions has been conducting funded research on AI applications to improve companies’ performance and bolster human capital, company founder Mike Hruska said.

His Johnstown, Pa., company builds proprietary artificial intelligence applications for the federal government and the private sector that are more fine-tuned than the public, open and free AI, including ChatGPT, Hruska said.

ChatGPT is pre-trained with information through September 2021, so it can’t answer, for example, “What was the weather like in Corbin, Kentucky, on Oct. 1, 2021?”

Developers can purchase access to a ChatGPT model and further fine-tune it with real-time information such as weather forecasts.

Developers can also train the program to behave in certain ways, for example, with the personalities and tendencies of Mr. T, Samuel L. Jackson, David Goggins or a Marine Corps instructor.

That’s exactly what Problem Solutions has done with Mr.GPT, a bot specifically trained to give users harsh, motivational advice to help people reach goals.

Mr.GPT is a public example of what the company is working on privately, Hruska said.

We teach bots to talk about some things and not talk about other things. We teach bots to have attitudes and behaviors and I say bots that are largely text-based, but we are doing this with meta-humans and holographic technology that really simulates real life.

Judging the competition within his own industry, Hruska said he’s not worried about tech giants reducing innovation by cornering the market.

“I’m not scared of large, slow organizations, Hruska said. “We build stuff with two- or three-person teams in days or weeks that large teams can’t build in even four to six months. The agility of small, high-performance teams is key.”

Hruska is working with several authors to build AI models that know all of their books and can help write new books in the same style, he said.

“AI is no longer a technological problem,” he said. “It’s merely a matter of engineering.”