October 9, 2023

Consulting firm celebrates 20 years and becomes an Augmented Enterprise supported by AI

Augmented Enterprise

This article was originally published in USA TODAY

Problem Solutions announces their 20 year anniversary in providing actionable technology products through highly efficient design and implementation of innovative solutions while becoming an Augmented Enterprise.  

According to Michael Hruska, Founder and CEO of Problem Solutions, the company has become an Augmented Enterprise by incorporating AI into key processes inside of every business unit within the organization. The organization was able to achieve this by taking 20 years of experience and decades of research to build tools that automate and extend the intelligence of Problem Solutions.  

Hruska describes an Augmented Enterprise using the concept of collective intelligence where all the members of an organization cooperatively work to share knowledge to improve the functions of an organization or enterprise. Using a suite of corporate AI agents, Problem Solutions has been able to use AI to augment itself continuously and adapt to improve the services they offer to their clients. By becoming an Augmented Enterprise, Problem Solutions has been able to rapidly expand the scope of their services across a multitude of industries. The firm’s Augmented Intelligence Teams are empowered with both singular and multi-agent AI tools, enhancing their capabilities and efficiency.  

When Problem Solutions begins working with their clients, they help them to understand how they can integrate AI into their business models to help them achieve their goals. According to Hruska, there are no limits to what they can do with AI integration for their clients whether it be improving sales, empowering employees, increasing retention, or cutting costs. 

As we step further into an era where AI agents become entwined with our daily lives, a symbiotic relationship between technological advancements and societal norms becomes paramount. Let’s continue to explore, question, and navigate this digital frontier together.

“We incorporate a highly-tuned balance between science and engineering, and have a multidimensional team that possesses deep experience along the continuum of consulting and business management. We have a culture of lifelong learning, and every single person here is about continually learning and being on the edge.”

One of the primary goals of Problem Solutions is to help every business realize the importance of becoming an Augmented Enterprise and to implement their model. Having the ability to leverage AI as a strategic advantage is becoming a necessity for almost every industry throughout the world. Hruska says that AI has such a massive transformational potential and everyone should be leveraging it to power their business models.  

Problem Solutions recently reached another milestone as a consulting firm in being able to complete six months of work in just one month where they completed the process of setting a client’s entire vector for their AI transformation into their business model. According to Hruska, the consulting firm is able to complete product developments for their clients in just two to twelve weeks whereas similar projects would take four to twelve months to complete by traditional firms.   

Michael Hruska founded Problem Solutions along with his brother Nik Hruska following their time working at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. They started the consulting firm as a way to use their experience working with governmental and commercial companies to be at the emerging edge of technology as it applies to strategic advantage for business.  

“Since our days at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), we've been contemplating how to unlock the collective intelligence in organizations. Our goal is to conduct business at the speed of thought, pushing the edge of emerging technologies, and scaling without incurring tremendous expense. Now being an Augmented Enterprise, we are ecstatic to be able to better serve our partners and customers.”